Mystery at the Homestead

This is a super fun quilt that will measure 38” x 50” without borders. The setting as the pattern is written is 3 blocks wide and 4 blocks tall; the blocks are 10”. If you desire a larger quilt, simply make more blocks! Adding the borders that the pattern recommends will result in a 53 x 65” quilt! Fabric Choices are up to you! For the best result choose good contrast between your fabrics; the “light” and “medium” fabrics will work best if solid, marble, or small prints. The “dark” will work best as solid, or up to a medium print size. If you choose to make a scrappy quilt this mystery will work well if you “control” your scrappiness and limit color choices. This pattern is rated as “easy,” so don’t be concerned about your skill levels. However, we assume you have basic quilting knowledge but be sure to make contact with the shop if you have questions! We recommend the quarter inch seam marker tool, it will make things go more quickly and result in greater accuracy.


Mystery at the Homestead Step 1

Mystery at the Homestead Step 2

Mystery at the Homestead Step 3

Mystery at the Homestead Step 4

Mystery at the Homestead Step 5

Mystery at the Homestead Final Reveal Step 6