Mystery in the Mansion

MYSTERY IN THE MANSION is a fun quilt that will measure 48” x 48” without borders or additional blocks; with borders, as the pattern is written it will measure 62 x 62”. (The Fabric Requirements shown below are for the sizes mentioned so if you add blocks or more borders, you’ll need more fabric.) For MYSTERY IN THE MANSION, you’ll want to choose fabrics with HIGH contrast. Feel free to make it scrappy by choosing several fabrics in each of two contrasting colors, or JUST go for it and use many colors as long as you stick with LIGHTS and DARKS! The Mansion’s block will be 12” square. Setting for this quilt as the mystery is written is 4 blocks x 4 blocks. This pattern is rated as “easy” and assumes you have basic quilting skills like good quarter-inch seams, proper pressing, etc.

Mystery in the Mansion Step 1

Mystery in the Mansion Step 2

Mystery in the Mansion Step 3

Mystery in the Mansion Step 4

Mystery in the Mansion Step 5

Mystery in the Mansion Step 6 

Mystery in the Mansion Step 7

Mystery in the Mansion Step 8 Final Review