Animal Farm’ by George Orwell

A tyrant is a cruel and oppressive ruler. In ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell, we meet an oppressive ruler by the name of Farmer Jones. As The novel progresses, we find that Napoleon is fully capable of being a similar tyrant to Mr. Jones. Napoleon proves to be a similar tyrant to Mr. Jones in several ways. Before paying someone to take online class for me reddit Mr. Jones ruled and took control of the animals through fear and violence. The pigs make a commandment that “no animal shall kill any other animal”.

This however, changes once Napoleon takes rule. Napoleon proves to be more hot-headed than Farmer Jones. The animals again find themselves living in fear that they might be the next to be executed. Orwell demonstrates Napoleons cruelty in another way. Slowly, one by one Napoleon takes the animals produce away from them until they have no reward for their toils and hardships. Napoleon also acts similarly to Mr. Jones in the way that he becomes attached to alcohol. He also takes on every bad attribute of man. Napoleon therefore proves himself to be a very similar tyrant to Mr. Jones. Violence is a part of everyday life for the animals before Mr. Jones is expelled. After the rebellion seven commandments are created. One being that “how much should i pay someone to take my online class”.

As Napoleon begins to emerge as the leader of ‘Animal Farm’ his true colours begin to show. He is a cruel and oppressive ruler. A tyrant. Napoleon’s actions prove to be equally tyrannical to Farmer Jones. Napoleon gains all his political power and control through violence. We see an example of this when Napoleon expels and later executes Snowball. He does this through the power of violence. “It seemed certain that they had him… one of them all but closed his jaws on Snowball’s tail…” When Snowball’s expulsion occurs, we see Napoleon’s true capability of becoming a horrendous tyrant. Napoleon however does not stop there. As the novel progresses Napoleon proves to be more like Farmer Jones.

Napoleon adopts more of Mr. Jones techniques in stimulating fear and violence to gain control. Napoleon ordered the ‘traitors’ to be executed in from of the other animals. “There was a pile of corpses lying before Napoleons feet…” This demonstration of what happens to those who go against Napoleon, helps to strengthen the power and control that Napoleon has over the other animals. The animals are now too scared to speak their minds. “she did not know why they had come to a time when no one dared to speak his mind…” Napoleon continues to carry forward in his tyrannical ways. He is becoming more like Mr. Jones and a similar tyrant through his use of violence and fear to create power and control.