Mystery Quilts

So, what is a MYSTERY QUILT? It’s totally fun, that’s what!

The Mystery Quilt concept is just that…..quilters are provided hints and incremental directions one-at-a-time. As the steps are made available, quilters complete each step and the mystery unfolds. The results are a wonderful quilt! Generally speaking, the first step of a Mystery Quilt includes important information that won’t be repeated in subsequent steps. Therefore, it’s important to keep all steps in order (we like to note the date received on each step). That way, if you do get behind (hmm…like a quilter would not keep up step-by-step!), you can find your way without too much anguish!

Our Mystery Quilt program’s are FREE! The first Step of every Mystery will include general info and hints. Our Mystery Quilt directions are written for those that have basic quilting knowledge. However, if at any time you have questions or if our step-by-step instructions are too sketchy, be sure to LET US KNOW. Someone here at the shop will help you!

No special tools are needed for most of our Mystery Quilts. Many of our Mystery Quilt patterns will work as stash busters, but some quilters don’t find an all-over scrappy look all that pleasing. If that’s the case, then we suggest going with  a “controlled scrappy” look (different fabrics of same color families), or a simple color-way with same fabrics each block. We will note the size of the blocks, suggest settings, indicate fabric requirements, in Step 1. The fabric requirements
provided will be for the sizes mentioned. If you want to make your quilt larger than the sizes provided, add more units, blocks and borders, which would (of course) necessitate more fabric! It’s like Sue and I are always stressing:

Once we start a Mystery Quilt project, we will include subsequent steps in the emails sent from our shop. We will TRY to present steps once weekly. That gives each quilter enough time to complete each step….and it gives us enough time to get the next step ready to present!

Have fun with this…keep us posted! We LOVE to see projects, so email us pics of your partial blocks, full blocks, and eventually your completed quilt!

Cass and Sue, The Cattle Country Quilt Shop Ladies

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